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  Rugged Devices in Action: A Day in the Life of a Field Scientist
  • October 2021 - We talk a lot about the use of rugged devices in public safety, construction, logistics and industrial settings. One use case that&s pretty obvious but not often discussed is field science work.
  • "More manufacturers are producing good quality Android tablets and companies like Sonim have shown there is a market for rugged Android tablets that Apple is not exploiting"
  • Collecting data in the field comes with its own set of challenges as Mother Nature and technology can clash at the worst times. Read news release OR Contact a Crossover Representative
Galtronics   Baylin Technologies Announces It Has Released To Production
  a 12 Port Base Station Antenna to Major North American Carriers
  • October 2021 - Baylin Technologies is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, Galtronics USA, Inc. has released to production a six-foot, 12 port base station (macro) antenna to major North American carriers
  • The 12 port base station antenna will support all of North American mid-band frequencies on eight of its ports and will support true 4x4 MIMO on existing Cellular 850 band, LTE 700 bandand the new 600 MHz band
  • This base station antenna provides the highest possible gain in a small and lightweightformfactor
  • Read news release OR Contact a Crossover Representative

Poynting Antenna     Why an Outdoor Antenna?

  • October, 2021 - With many more people working from home offices, the demand for stable, reliable, and fast Internet Services have skyrocketed.
  • We show four scenarios where different Antenna options are discussed and Poynting conducted tests to verify performance improvements in installing an external antenna/s.
  • View Poynting News Article OR Contact a Crossover Representative
  Why is the lowest possible PIM essential, especially for 5G networks?
  • October 2021 - Why is a low passive intermodulation (PIM) rating important, especially for 5G networks?
  • Acentury continues to launch innovative RF products and solutions for mobile network operators, cable MSOs, network equipment manufacturers, chipset manufacturers, and internet-scale tech companies
  • Read article OR Contact a Crossover Representative
Nextivity   Introducing The Cel-Fi Go Remote Monitoring Board
  • October 2021 - Introducing the Remote Monitoring Board Standalone Solution
  • The Cel-Fi is monitored by the award winning Cel-Fi Wave Portal. Cel-Fi WavePortal is a carrier grade and SOC 2 compliant
  • Included in the box: Modem Support Platform, Nextivity Power Supply module, Mounting (back) plate, Hardware standoffs, 120VAC wall support to power remote monitoring board and up to two Cel-Fi GO
  • View Product Overview OR Contact a Crossover Representative
Alpha Wireless
  Shaping a New Technology Landscape for a Robust, Secure Grid
  • October 2021 - As threats against utilities continue to escalate, there is a growing urgency to upgrade critical infrastructure to achieve more modernized operations
  • With spectrum in the 900 MHz band now available through the Anterix Active Ecosystem program, many utilities are exploring the possibilities of advanced communications for modernizing their grids and optimizing operations
  • Read news release OR Contact a Crossover Representative
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  1. Happy Holidays from Crossover!
  2. Sonim Tech Announces New Design Win Awards
  3. Poynting's First 4x4 MIMO Omni-Directional Antenna
  4. JMA Wireless New 5G Immersive Experience Center Will Run 5G RAN on AWS

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