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Our Key Vendor Partners
Key Vendors
RFS   Radio Frequency Systems - The Clear Choice
  A worldwide leader in wireless and broadcast infrastructure
  • November 14, 2014 - RFS, Your unrivaled partner for cellular solutions that covers the entire RF chain
  • Including New RF X-TREME™ Multi-Band Antennas, LTE Passive DAS Products & Solutions, HYBRIFLEX™ Hybrid Cabling Solutions, NEW for In-Tunnel, PIM-Rated Premium Performance Radiating Cable Connectors
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RFS Multi-Band Antennas
Alpha Wireless   
World's first 4x4 MIMO OMNI
  • November 17, 2015: Increase data throughput with our 4x4 MIMO OMNI
  • In addition to the improved performance, the antennas come in an ultra-compact form factor which augments the number of mounting options for small cell sites: walls; poles; inside; outside; virtually anywhere!
  • View 1710-2690MHz datasheet or view 3300-3800MHz datasheet
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SAF Tehnika JSC
  Special Discount on SAF's New Integra-S 11GHz Radios
  • November 10, 2015 - SAF's new Integra-S 11GHz full outdoor unit has proven to be a popular product due to its 5 year manufacturer's warranty and a reliable performance
  • SAF is offering a $300 discount until New Year!
  • The product's header compression feature and 2+0 configuration mode further enhance its capacity
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Integra S 11GHz
Ceragon   Ceragon Secures Three Deals Worth $43M from APAC MNOs to Support 4G Expansion
  • July 17, 2015 - All three mobile operators who are long-standing Ceragon customers are deploying the company's IP-20 platform to support their 4G/LTE network expansion
  • The IP-20 platform's unique wireless backhaul 4x4 MIMO technology provides quadrupling capacity over a single narrowband channel over long distances, avoiding the need to opt for wideband short range spectrum
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FibeAir IP-20
Fiplex   Keep talking when you need it the most...
  • August 25, 2015 - Improve wireless coverage to areas with poor signal levels. Extend reliable service to tunnels, subways, inside buildings and in rural and underserved areas where you could have weak signals. Empower public safety first responders.
  • Fiplex Public Safety Signal Boosters line improves in-building and external coverage areas for emergency communications.
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Public Safety 700/800 MHz Signal Boosters

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Alpha Wireless   
Small Cell, Urban Antenna Solutions
Small Cell Special
  • July 3, 2014: Take a look at Ultra-Compact Base Station Antennas for Small Cell Applications
  • Benefits include Uncompromised R.F. Performance in the smallest form factor and ultra-compact design suited to indoor & outdoor applications
  • Mountable on existing street & building infrastructure (e.g. lampposts) or on a pico radio to reduce box count on the mast
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  Westell's National Passives Month!
  • November 1, 2015 - During November, any customer who purchases Westell's passive components through Crossover will receive 10% off qualifying products
  • ClearLink® Low PIM Passives are tested and approved to meet carrier requirements of ≤ -153 dBc, measured with 2 tones @ +43 dBc.
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ClearLink DAS
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Crossover - North American Wide!
Crossover is a value-added distributor of Wireless Broadband, In-Building Cellular, VoIP & IP Networking technologies serving the North American market place.
Warehouses / Offices:
Newark, USA
Toronto, Canada

November 2015 Newsletter


Featured In This Month's Issue:

  1. Westell's National Passives Month Extended!
  2. Special Discount on SAF's New Integra-S 11GHz Radios
  3. Announcing Cambium Networks PMP 450i 900 MHz
  4. RFS' Low-Inductance HYBRIFLEX™ RRH Cable

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Crossover – Canada's largest stocking distributor of…
MDS iNET Series Secure IP/Ethernet

  • Ethernet and serial interfaces for legacy systems
  • Unlicensed solutions in 900 MHz frequency
  • Range up to 20 miles
  • Speeds up to 1 Mbps

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